Constitution of the

International Association for Mission Studies (IAMS)




The name of the Association shall be „The International Association for Mission Studies“ (hereafter referred to as the Association).



The Association is an international, interdenominational and intercultural body committed to the scholarly study of issues related to Christian mission.


The main objectives of the Association shall be:

(a)       to promote the scholarly study of theological, historical and practical questions relating to the mission of the Church;

(b)       to disseminate information concerning mission among all those engaged in such studies and among the general public;

(c)       to relate studies in mission to studies in theological and other disciplines, through the encouragement of interdisciplinary research programmes and other appropriate means;

(d)       to promote fellowship, cooperation and mutual assistance in mission studies, especially among national, regional and denominational mission study associations and equivalents.

(e)       to organize international conferences of missiologists;

(f)         to encourage the creation of centres of research;

(g)       to stimulate publications in the area of the Association’s interest, including an international journal and bibliography.



Individuals, institutions and likeminded associations and networks wishing to further the aims of the association may be admitted to the Association by vote of the Executive Committee.



The resources of the Association consist of:

(a)       Subscriptions from members,

(b)       Subsidies and donations.

Every member shall pay an annual subscription determined from time to time by a General Meeting of the Association.



The officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice-President, a General Secretary, a Treasurer, and the Editor of the journal of the Association. The President and Vice President shall be elected, and the General Secretary, Treasurer and Editor shall be approved by a General Meeting of the Association for a period of four years or until the General Meeting next after the expiry of that period.


The Executive Committee shall consist of the officers with five other members elected by a General Meeting of the Association to represent continental regions for a period of four years or until the General Meeting next after the expiry of that period.


The Executive shall normally meet once a year. Officers and members of the Executive Committee shall be eligible for re-election. The elections shall be governed by byelaws.



The Executive Committee shall convene a General Meeting of the Association about every four years.


All individual members, and one representative of each corporate member, shall have the right to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Association.


At each ordinary General Meeting the Executive Committee shall submit for the approval of the Meeting a report of its activities since the last ordinary General Meeting and its proposals for advancing the objects of the Association.



The Executive Committee shall have the power to determine the location of the Headquarters of the Association. Usually, the location of the General Secretariat is regarded as the Headquarters of the Association.



The funds of the Association shall be held in the United Kingdom but if at any time the members resolve at a General Meeting that the funds should not be so held the Executive Committee shall inform the Charity Commissioners of the terms of the resolution.



Byelaws may be approved by a majority of members present and voting at any duly constituted General Meeting of the Association.



Additions and alterations to the Constitution shall be made only by resolution of the General Meeting, carried by a majority of not less than two thirds of those voting. No amendment may be made which shall cause the Association to cease to be a charity in law.


Adopted 29 August 1972

Amended 31 July 1974

Amended 24 August 1978

Amended 28 January 2000

Amended by the XIth Quadrennial General Assembly, 3. August 2004