Byelaws: The Executive Committee




“The Executive Committee (of the International Association for Mission Studies) shall consist of the officers with five other members elected by a General Meeting of the Association for a period of four years or until the General Meeting next after the expiry of that period” (Const. § 5).



The duties of the Executive Committee are:

a.      To approve the membership applications of individuals and institutions to IAMS (§ 3).

b.      To determine the date and convene a General Meeting of the Association about every four years (§ 6).

c.      To determine the location of the Headquarters of the Association (§ 7).

d.      Between General Meetings to be responsible for furthering the objects of the Association as listed in § 2 of the Constitution of the Association.

e.      To obtain financing through subsides and donations and to set up a permanent system of financing the work of the Association.

f.       Between General Meetings to be the Executive group which has the power to determine all things except those expressly reserved to the General Meeting.



The presence of at least four members of the Executive Committee is necessary for a legal meeting. The President or Vice-President must always be among the four.



A simple majority vote of those present and voting will be required for the passage of any act of the Executive Committee while in session.



These bylaws may be amended by the ordinary voting procedures explained in § 4 above. Changes take effect immediately. They must be presented to the General Meeting of the Association at its next gathering for subsequent approval according to §9 in the constitution.



Approved at the IAMS General Meeting 24. August 1978.

Amended by the executive committee 28. January 2001 according to the Hammanskraal constitutional changes.