Byelaws: General Meeting of the Association

A. Procedure for the election of President, Vice President, and other members of the Executive Committee

1. Setting up of a Nomination Committee

The election process will be guided by an Nomination Committee comprising the following persons:

- the outgoing President of IAMS together with one representative from each of the regions of Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America/Caribbean, North America and Oceania, nominated by Regional Meetings in their first session.

The Nomination Committee will constitute itself after the first regional meeting. It will elect its own chair. It may, if deemed necessary, seek the advice of the previous Executive Committee.

2. Preparation of Slate for the Election of President, Vice President and Executive Committee

The Nomination Committee will from names proposed by the Regional Meetings plus the current Vice-President prepare one slate of candidates for consideration by the General Meeting for the positions of President, Vice-President, and five Executive Committee members.

The current Vice-President will normally be nominated for President. However the General Meeting may request the Nomination Committee to propose an alternative.

The six regional areas are represented by the Vice-President and five Executive Committee members.

2.1. Proposals from Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings are required to nominate three persons to be considered for election to the Executive Committee. These are to be listed and take into account the criteria listed in 2.2.

Regional Meetings must obtain the consent of persons they propose for election.

The Nomination Committee has the right to return to all the Regional Meetings to request an additional person be proposed by each region.

2.2. Criteria

Regional Meetings and the Nominating Committee are required to ensure that those proposed for election and included in the final slate of candidates represent a good mix and balance of persons, taking into account considerations relating to continuity, geographical and denominational representation, gender, skills, regional leadership and availability to participate in the work of IAMS.

3. Voting process

The Nomination Committee will present its nominated slate at a General Meeting of IAMS.

3.1. Right to vote

Only full IAMS members present at the conference are eligible to vote and to stand as candidates for election.

Corporate member of IAMS, represented in the Conference, have one vote.

Each individual person has only one vote, either as individual member of IAMS or as representative of a corporate member.

3.2. Secret ballot

The voting will be conducted by means of a secret ballot.

3.3. Majority

The IAMS General Meeting is entitled, by simple majority vote of members present at the meeting, to accept or reject the slate proposed by the Nomination Committee. The meeting may also make suggestions and require the Nomination Committee to present an amended slate.

Adopted by the XI Quadrennial Assembly, Malaysia, 3. August 2004