Location and Theme of IAMS Conferences




1972      I. Conference in Driebergen, Netherlands



1974      II. Conference in Frankfurt, Germany   

Mission and Movements of Innovation”



1976      III. Conference in San José, Costa Rica                 

“Tradition and Reconstruction in Mission: Where are We in Mission Today?”



1978      IV. Conference at Maryknoll, New York, USA          

“Credibility and Spirituality in Mission



1982      V. Conference in Bangalore, India       

“Christ’s Mission to the Multitudes: Salvation, Suffering and Struggle”



1985      VI. Conference in Harare, Zimbabwe   

“Christian and Human Transformation”



1988      VII. Conference in Rome, Italy           

“Christian Mission Towards the Third Millenium: The Gospel of Hope”



1992      VIII. Conference in Kaneohe, Hawaii

“New World – New Creation: Mission in Power and Faith”.



1996      IX. Conference in Buenos Aires, Argen tina

“God and Mammon: Economies in Conflict”



2000      X. Conference in Hammanskraall, South Africa        

“Reflecting Jesus Christ: Crucified and Living in a Broken World”.


2004      XI. Conference in Port Dickson, Malaysia

“Integrity of Mission in the Light of the Gospel”.


2008     XII. Eastern Europe Lake Balaton, Hungary

“Human Identity and the Gospel of Reconciliation: Agenda for Mission Studies and Praxis in the 21st Century”.