Guidelines for

Appointment of Honorary Life Members


The executive can appoint IAMS Honorary Life Members as a tribute to outstanding accomplishments in missiology and dedicated services to IAMS.


1. Criteria

Honorary Life Members are appointed on the basis of the following criteria:


Exceptional services to missiology


Exceptional services to IAMS


Candidates should be retired from official posts


Candidates are to be appointed by a unanimous decision of the Executive


2. Entitlements

Honorary Life Members are entitled to free membership of IAMS and free subscription to Mission Studies


3. Nomination

Any two members of IAMS can nominate a person for Honorary Life Membership. A nomination shall be submitted in writing to the Executive with a motivation for the nomination.


4. General guidelines


Appointment of Honorary Life Members will take place according to a restrictive policy in order to limit the number of such members.


The Executive shall seek to provide a proper continental balance in its appointments. Pursuit of such balance is, however secondary to the stated criteria (see 1. above)


Newly appointed Honorary Life Members will be presented in Mission Studies.


On the IAMS Website each Honorary Life Members will be portrayed.


These guidelines shall be made known to IAMS members via the IAMS website. Any two members can at any time send nominations to the executive for consideration.



The following persons hold status as Honorary Life Members:

    Arnulf Camps, Holland

    Gerald Anderson, USA

    Joan Chatfield, USA

    Rene Padilla, Latin America

    Willem Saayman, South Africa

    John Pobee, Ghana

    Andrew F. Walls, Scotland

    Frans J. Verstraelen, The Netherlands/Zimbabwe


Deceased Honorary Life Members:

    Stanley Samartha, India (deceased, July 22, 2001)

    O. G. Myklebust, Norway (deceased Autumn 2001)

       Paul Rowntree Clifford, England (deceased January 19, 2003)