Projects and Interest Groups


The following guidelines has been established for IAMS Interest Groups and Projects (adapted from 1997 Executive Minutes 5f):



IAMS Projects has the following features and guidelines:

·         the ownership of projects should be with IAMS

·         projects should provide opportunities to disseminate information and stimulation for further research

·         projects must be enabled to draw on funds

·         Mission Studies as journal of the Association should be the basic means of communication

·         Projects must have specific goals and a time frame

·         all projects end with the Conference

·         projects may end with a book or other publications

·         projects have to report to the Executive and to the Conference

·         every member is supposed to write up a one-page summary of his/her interest and this page should be shared with all the members participating in the project activity.


IAMS will make available to an interest group a sum of up to GBP 5000 to make possible the drawing up of a project with a defined time-limit to be funded essentially by outside agencies.

The purpose of the initial grant is to draw together a small group of four to five key people to propose and write up the project. This consultation will be expected to produce two to three papers for publication in Mission Studies. Prior to the project going to an external funding agency, it is to be reviewed and approved by the IAMS Executive.



Interest Groups

The difference between IAMS Projects and IAMS Interest Groups should be observed. The IAMS Interest Group is more informal and belongs to the category of networking. Interest groups have the following features and guidelines:

·         have a convenor

·         should be appointed by the Executive Committee

·         report to the Executive Committee and the Conference

·         the life of the group be between conferences unless renewed


As the Interest Group develops it might develop into a Project.