Manual of Style

Submission of Manuscripts

Mission Studies accepts unsolicited manuscripts, and particularly encourages articles from IAMS members.


Manuscripts should be sent to
Stephen Bevans, SVD
Editor: Mission Studies
c/o Chicago Center for Global Ministries
5401 5. Cornell
Chicago, IL 60615

E-mail: sb@ctu.edu


Manuscripts should be approximately 20 - 30 pp. in length, double spaced typed pages.


Articles can be submitted in English, Spanish, French or German; they will be published in the language in which they are submitted unless previously arranged otherwise with the editors.


Two hard copies should be submitted; if possible, articles should also be submitted on computer disk (Word Perfect or Word 6.0 or above)


A 300 word summary of the article should be included, as well as a 100 word biographical statement. These will be translated into English if submitted in another language.


Text should be broken up with subtitles.


Manuscripts become property of Mission Studies and may be edited as necessary.


Unaccepted manuscripts will not be returned.


Style Requirements

Inclusive language should be used. Manuscripts will be edited accordingly

Mission Studies follows the internationally recognized "Anthropological Style," e.g. as followed by Missiology: An International Review

Referees are placed in the text in parentheses, with author's last name, year and page number(s) - e.g. (White 1973:1-42).

Bible citations are placed in the text -- e.g. (Gal 3:10).- Lengthy notes are to be avoided. However, necessary notes should be placed at the end of the text, under the heading, "Notes."

At the end of the text, references will be listed under "References Cited," according to the following examples:


Toulmin, Stephen
    1953              Philosophy of Science. New York: Harper and Row.



Weber, Max
    1963         The Sociology of Religion. Trans. By Ephraim Fischoff.
                       Boston: Beacon Press.



Schreiter, Robert J., ed.
    1991     Faces of Jesus in Africa. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books.



Pope-Levison, Priscilla and John R. Levison
    1992     Jesus in Global Contexts. Louisville, KY: Westminster / John Knox Press.

Scherer, James A. and Stephen B. Bevans, eds.
    1992      New Directions in Mission and Evangelization 1:
                  Basic Statements 1974-1991.
Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books.



Peacock, James
1996        "Anthropology and Missionaries: A Commentary."
                  Missiology: An International Review XXIV, 2:163 -165.



Burrows, William R.
    1996         "A Seventh Paradigm? Catholics and Radical Inculturation."
                        In Willem Saayman and Klippes Kritzinger, eds. Mission in
                        Bold Humilitv
.  David Bosch's Work Considered. Maryknoll,
                        NY: Orbis Books: 121-138.


Other Points:

·          For matters not covered and for further information, see the latest edition of The Chicago Manual of Style (Chicago: University of Chicago Press), or consult with the editor of Mission Studies.

·          English spelling follows the latest edition of Webster 's New Collegiate Dictionary. Original spelling, however, should be retained in quotations.

·          Foreign words-except proper names and places-- in respective languages should be underlined or italicized (e.g. in English, Sitz in Leben; in all languages, Missio Dei).

·          Capitalization of words should be done sparingly.

·          Do NOT capitalize "church," "gospel," "mission."

·          DO capitalize "Incarnation," "Catholic Church," "Lutheranism," etc.



As with other scholarly journals, payment is made in copies of articles published. Authors will receive two copies of the issue in which their article appears.


Book Reviews

All Book Reviews are solicited.


Book Reviews are from 300 to 600 words, with everything double spaced, including the bibliographical information at the beginning of the review.


Begin with complete bibliographical information on the book: complete title (italicized or underlined), author or editor, translator, edition, series, place of publication, publisher, date, pages (Roman and Arabic), price. E.g:

The New Catholicity: Theology Between the Global and the Local. By Robert J. Schreiter. Maryknoll, NY: Orbis Books, 1997. xii + 140 pp. $18.95.



Generally, the review should include five elements:

1.      situation of the book within the current literature on the subject

2.      identification of the author or editor

3.      a brief synopsis of the contents

4.      critique of the organization, substance and style of the book

5.      identification of the intended audience (if this is not already clear)

At the end of the review, the reviewer would use two lines for identification, placed at the right margin:

·          the reviewer's name

·          the institution with which the reviewer is associated, and / or the cirty and country from which the person writes. e.g.