7a2. Advertisement – price policy


For advertising contact editor:


Stephen Bevans, SVD
Editor: Mission Studies
c/o Chicago Center for Global Ministries
5401 S. Cornell
Chicago, IL 60615


Email: sbevans@ctu.edu


Market:  As a journal of missiological scholarship Mission Studies is read by scholars, students, and pastoral workers in all parts of the world in the disciplines of missiology, church history, the social sciences and systematic theology.


Circulation: Estimated circulation is 800.


Schedule of publication: Twice a year, April and October.


Mechanical data:          Full page: 4½” x 7½” / 11½ cm x 19 cm.

                                   Half page: 4½” x 3½” / 11½ cm x 9 cm.

                                   Quarter page: 2” x 3½” / 5 cm x 9 cm.


Inside cover is also available (full page only). Advertising is interspersed throughout the journal. The journal is printed offset; any camera ready copy or material on computer disk (Word Perfect 6.1 for Windows 95) is acceptable. Photos are acceptable on plastic film. Type will also be set by Mission Studies.


Deadline: September 1 for fall issue and February 1 for spring issue.


Rates (effective January 1999):

Full page: $ 150 from the First World; $ 100 from Third World.

Half page: $ 80 from the First World; $ 50 from the Third World;

Quarter page: $ 45 from the First World; $ 30 from the Third World.

                 Back Inside Cover: $ 200 from the First World; $ 150 from the Third World.


Discounts: 15 % discount for recognized agencies and 10 % discount for advertising in two consecutive issues (request for discount must accompany the first insertion order).


Miscellaneous: All advertising is subject to editor’s approval.


Announcements: Mission Studies publishes information on seminars, workshops or other programs or features in a special section entitled “Communications from around the World”. This information will be published without charge, though it will be published at the discretion of the editor.