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Criteria for Membership




Application Forms  -  Electronic Application Form


Acceptance Procedure

Procedure for Adopting New Members
The application procedure is designed to make possible four rounds of adoptions of new members per year.
An applicant will normally receive a response to his or her application not later than three months after submission of all formal application requirements.

Please notice that there are different kinds of membership - if you don't know which one suits you, you should read the description of the different kinds of membership first - click here. 
You can download the IAMS leaflet here.

Application Requirements

 An application for individual membership should consist of

An application for associate membership should consist of

An application for corporate membership should consist of

Please submit application forms to IAMS together with the necessary documentation for acceptance, either with ordinary mail
IAMS, P. O. Box 9103, NL- 6500 HD, Nijmegen, The Netherlands or or via e-mail to


Download Application Forms

You can download the application forms for membership here. The files are available in Word format.
Be sure to check both the Criteria for membership as well as the above mentioned application requirements.

Acceptance Procedure

1.  When the application is received, a letter of confirmation will be sent to the applicant explaining the application procedure and stating when the applicant can expect an answer to the application.

2.  When all documentation is received, a recommendation for acceptance or rejection is made by the secretariat.

3.  If the applicant clearly does not meet the criteria for membership, the application need not go to the executive, but the secretariat will inform the applicant immediately.

4.  Approximately every 3 months the list of recommendations is e-mailed to the executive committee members.

5.  Executive members are to respond to the list of recommendations as soon as possible and not later than 30 days upon reception.

6.  If 5 or more executive members are in favour of a recommendation, the recommendation will be followed.

7.  In exceptional cases, if any one executive member requests, an application can  be put on hold until the next ordinary executive meeting.

8.  The executive meetings will normally only deal with disputed applications.

9.  The applicants will be informed about the decision of the Executive by the secretariat. If accepted, the applicant will be asked to pay the membership fee within 30 days.

When the membership fee has been paid, an applicant is formally a member of IAMS. Click here to see the IAMS payment policy.