Missiological Societies

The following is a list of missiological societies, networks and study groups which we have contact to or are aware about. By listing these associations/networks nothing is said about the the nature of the mission studies being undertaken in these associations. Some would lean more towards the academic, some towards mission praxis. But all are involved in mission studies.

We would like to create links to more societies for the study of mission. Please send information networks not listed below to iams@cms-uk.org 

Mission Study Societies:

AAMS - Australian Association for Mission Studies
 Australia - Journal Australian Journal of Mission Studies

AFOM - Association Francophone Oecuméniqu
France and the Francophone world - Ecumenical

ANZAMS Aotearoa New Zealand Association of Mission Studies
     National, Ecumenical

ASM - American Society of Missiology
    North American, Ecumenical - Journal: Missiology

British and Irish Association for Mission Studies
    Ecumenical - Journal: BIAMS Newsletter

CEAMS - Central and Eastern European Association for Mission Studies
European - Ecumenical - Contact: The President, Prof. Anne-Marie Kool

Commission on World Mission and Evangelism of the World Council of Churches
    Global - Ecumenical - Journal:
International Review of Mission

Deutsche Gemeinschaft für Missionswissenschaft - German Missiological Society
German - Ecumenical - Journal: Zeitschrift fürMission

Evangelical Missiological Society
North American - Evangelical

IACM - International Association for Catholic Missiologists
    Global - Catholic

FOIM – Fellowship of Indian Missiologists
    National - Ecumenical - Journal: Mission Today - Contact: The Chair

INFEMIT - The International Fellowship of Evangelical Mission Theologians
    Global - Evangelical - Journal: Transformation

International Society for Frontier Missiology
    International - Evangelical - Journal:
International Journal of Frontier Missions

IAMS - International Association for Mission Studies
Global - Ecumenical

KMS - Korean Missiological Society
    Korean - Ecumenical - Contact: The President

Korean Evangelical Society of Missiologists
    Korean - Evangelical - Contact: The Chair

Latin American Theological Fraternity
    Latin America - Evangelical

Lausanne Commission for World Evangelization - Theology/Strategy Working Group
    Global - Evangelical

LSFM - Lutheran Society for Missiology
    Global - Denominational

NIME- Nordic Institute of Mission and Ecumenical Research
Nordic - Ecumenical

Presidents and Academic Dean’s Track of WEA’s Missions Commission
    Global - Evangelical - Contact: The Chair

RELAMI - Latin American Ecumenical Networking of Missiologists
    Latin American - Ecumenical

SAMS- Southern African Missiological Society
    South African - Ecumenical - Journal: Missionalia

South Pacific Association for Mission Studies
Oceania - Ecumenical - Contact: The Chair

Swedish Missiological Society
    National - Ecumenical - Journal: Swedish Missiological Themes

World Evangelical Alliance - Mission Commission
    Global - Evangelical - Journal: Connections

Other groups and networks:




Web-page / Contact

Apostoliki Diakonia of the Church of Greece



Bishop Petros (President)
Fr. Constantinos Stratigopoulos

Gennadion St. 14, Athens, Greece

APMB - Associação de Professores de Missões no Brasil
Association of Mission Professors in Brazil)



Caixa Postal 3941, 01065-970 - São Paulo - SP, Brazil
Tel: (55)11 3105-5845 Fax: (55)11 3105-5845

California Mission Studies Association Regional Correo and Boletín http://www.ca-missions.org/

Council of Societies for the Study of Religion


Religious Studies Review


International Association for the study of Maritime Mission Global Maritime Mission Studies http://vm.uconn.edu/~shpark/iasmm.html

Orthodox Christian Mission Center



Fr. Martin Ritsi

Strategic Network for Missions knowledgebase



- Prof. A. Scott Moreau A.s.moreau@wheaton.edu
Wheaton College, Dept. of Missions, Wheaton, IL 60187, United States