Key documents

Best-practice manuals commissioned by DABOH

Martha Lund Smalley and Rosemary Seton, Rescuing the Memory of our Peoples Archives Manual (in English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and Swahili). Download

Paul Stuehrenberg, Gray Literature (under preparation)

See also Jean Paul Wiest,  Doing Oral History: Helping Christians tell their own stories. (in English and Chinese). Download

Historical documents

Andrew Walls and Willi Henkel, ed. Mission Studies and Information Management. The DAB Rome 1980 Report.  Download

Pontifical Commission for the Conservation of the Artistic and Historical Patrimony of the Church, Circular letter regarding the cultural and pastoral training of future priests in their upcoming responsibilities concerning the artistic and historic heritage of the Church (October 15, 1992) Download

Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Patrimony of the Church, The Ecclesiastical Libraries in the Mission of the Church (March 19, 1994) Download

Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Patrimony of the Church, The Pastoral Function of Church Archives (February 2, 1997) Download

Rosemary Seton, ed. A Mission for the Future: The Use and Importance of Missionary Archives. Papers given at a Conference organised by the Religious Archives Group in conjunction with the Research Support Libraries’ Programme, 16 October 2000Download