Seoul 2016


  1. Bartholomew Ronald, “Migration and Cultural Adaptation as Measures of Conversion”

Paper abstract: bartholomew_ronald_migration_cultural_adaptation


  1. Corrie John, “The Conversion of Latin American Catholics”

Paper abstract: corrie_john_latin_american_catholics_converion


  1. Cucchiara Alfred, “Roman Catholic Conversion in the Philippine Cordillera”

Paper abstract: cucchiara_alfred_conversion_of_cordilleran_RCatholics


  1. Engberg Aron, “The transformative encounter with pace: ‘Christian Zionism’ as a second conversion”

Paper abstract: engberg_aron_transformative_encounter_with_place


  1. Fatokun Samson, “Documentation of Oral Stories of Conversion and Transformation Experiences of Selected African Church Leaders”

Paper abstract: fatokun_samson_Documentation of Oral Stories of Conversion and Transformation Experiences


  1. Golding David, “From Dusting Feet to Saving Souls: Mormon Mission in Thought and Practice”

Paper abstract: bartholomew_golding_david From Dusting Feet to Saving Souls


  1. Heward Maclane, “’Our First Mission’: Early Mormon Creation, Adoption and Adaption of Evangelistic Structures”

Paper abstract: bartholomew_heward_maclane _Early Mormon Creation Adoption and Adaption of Evangelistic Structures


  1. Ireland Daryl R.,The Conversion of Madness: The Case of John Sung”

Paper abstract: ireland_daryl_the_conversion_of_madness


  1. Kim Helen Jin, “Conversions and Transformations at Billy Graham’s Largest Crusade: South Korea, 1973”

Paper abstract: kim_helen_billy_graham_largest_crusade


  1. Kim Rebecca, “Soldier Spirit and Theology of Sacrifice of Mid-Twentieth Century Korean Missionaries in America: Case Study of the University Bible Fellowship”

Paper abstract: kim_rebecca_theology of sacrifice


  1. Murad Abraham, “Conversion Attempts and Responses to the American Presbyterian Mission in the Punjab, 1849-1900”

Paper abstract: murad_abraham_Converting the Heathen


  1. Paulau Stanislau, “Historicizing Faith – Controlling Conversion: Ethiopian Empire and its Legislation on Foreign Missions”

Paper abstract: paulau_stanislau_Historicizing Faith Controlling Conversion


  1. Ogden Val, “Introducing transcriptive space

Paper abstract: ogden_val_introducing transcriptive space


  1. Rutherford Taunalyn, “The Complexity of Conversion: Mapping ‘Mormonisms’ in India”

Paper abstract: bartholomew_rutherford_taunalyn_The Complexity of Conversion Mapping Mormonism in India


  1. Sauer Christof, “Contested terminology: Challenges in documenting how Christians around the world speak differently about discrimination, persecution and martyrdom”

Paper abstract: sauer_christof_Contested terminology Challenges in documenting


  1. Sellan Yesan, “Document Oral history of Religious Conversion: SAIACS Library and Twentieth Century Indian Indigenous Missions and Conversion to Christianity”

Paper abstract: sellan_yesan_oral_history_of_religious_conversion


  1. Wachsmuth Melody, “Storying Identity: Using Narrative to Understand Conversion and Transformation”

Paper abstract: wachsmuth_melody_Storying_identity_using_narrative_to_understand_conversion_and_transformation


Note: Bartholomew Ronald, Golding David, Heward Maclane, and Rutherford Taunalyn will form a panel discussion at one of the paper sessions to discuss the issue of conversions and transformations within Mormonism.