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Regnum Books International is an imprint of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies. The books are the fruit of rigorous research to the highest international standards and demonstrate authentic Christian engagement in the transformation of people and societies throughout the world.

Regnum Edinburgh Centenary series (25 books)

The Centenary of the World Missionary Conference, of 1910, held in Edinburgh, is a suggestive moment for many people seeking direction for Christian mission in the 21st century. Several different constituencies within world Christianity are holding significant events around 2010. Since 2005 an international group has worked collaboratively to develop an intercontinental and multi-denominational project, now known as Edinburgh 2010, and based at New College, University of Edinburgh. This initiative brings together representatives of twenty different global Christian bodies, representing all major Christian denominations and confessions and many different strands of mission and church life, to prepare for the Centenary.

Essential to the work of the Edinburgh 1910 Conference, and of abiding value, were the findings of the eight think-tanks or ‘commissions’. These inspired the idea of a new round of collaborative reflection on Christian mission – but now focussed on nine themes identified as being key to mission in the 21st century. The study process is polycentric, open-ended, and as inclusive as possible of the different genders, regions of the world, and theological and confessional perspectives in today’s church. The titles of the Edinburgh 2010 Series are divided into two categories: (1) the three official titles of Edinburgh 2010, and (2) publications of various study groups, including the Edinburgh 2010 main study groups, transversal, regional and different confessional study groups.

These publications reflect the ethos of Edinburgh 2010 and will make a significant contribution to its study process. It should be clear that material published in this series will inevitably reflect a diverse range of views and positions. These will not necessarily represent those of the series’ editors or of the Edinburgh 2010 General Council, but in publishing them the leadership of Edinburgh 2010 hope to encourage conversation between Christians and collaboration in mission. All the series volumes are commended for study and reflection in both churches and academies.

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Find out more about Edinburgh 2010. The Edinburgh Centenary series newsletter and Edinburgh Centenary catalogue are available in pdf format.

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Called to Unity

For the Sake of Mission

John Gibaut and Knud Jorgensen

The purpose of this volume on mission and unity is to bring to public attention a broad overview on the history, development and perspectives on the role of mission in the pursuit of unity and the central biblical focus on unity as a prerequisite for an authentic witness in mission.  The volume raises concrete questions:  If the churches can agree on unity for mission, then does this visible unity go any further than the ‘mutuality, partnership, collaboration and networking’ of the Edinburgh 2010 Common Call?  Does the call to unity or communion imply common touch stones, structures or ministries to serve the communion of churches in mission?

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Theology, Mission and Child

Global Perspectives

Bill Prevette, Keith J White, C Rosalee Velloso Ewell and D J Konz

This ground-breaking volume of 16 contributors from leading child theologians, mission theologians and practitioners examines the constructive interaction of Theology, Mission and Child in fresh and intriguing ways.  It is moving, profound, and practical, proposi…

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Global Diasporas and Mission

Chandler H Im and Amos Yong

The movement of people from their homelands is increasing exponentially. Such waves of both immigration and migration triggered by various factors have created new opportunities for the church and its mission. This volume explores such global diasporas from both eccle…

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The Lausanne Movement

A Range of Perspectives

Margunn Serigstad Dahle, Lars Dahle and Knud Jorgensen

The Lausanne Movement has since 1974 functioned as a platform and forum for Evangelical leaders from various geographical and confessional strands. This year it will celebrate its 40th anniversary. This volume brings together voices about both The Lausanne Movement an…

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Mission At and From the Margins

Patterns, Protagonists and Perspectives

Peniel Rajkumar, Joseph Dayam, I P Asheervadham and I P Asheervadham

Mission At and From the Margins: Patterns, Protagonists and Pespectives revisits the ‘hi-stories’ of Mission from the ‘bottom up’ paying critical attention to people, perspectives and patterns that have often been elided in the construction of mission history…

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Engaging the World

Christian Communities in Contemporary Global Societies

Afe Adogame, Janice McLean and Anderson Jeremiah

Engaging the World deals with the lived experiences and expressions of Christians in diverse communities across the globe.  Christian communities do not live in a vacuum but in complex, diverse social-cultural contexts; within wider communities of differ…

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Pentecostal Mission and Global Christianity

Wonsuk Ma, Veli-Matti Karkkainen and J Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu

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Bible in Mission

Pauline Hoggarth, Fergus Macdonald, Knud Jorgensen and Bill Mitchell

“The Bible is alive – it has hands and grabs hold of me, it has feet and runs after me”. Thus spoke Martin Luther, as cited by Knud Jørgensen in a quotation that summarizes the deeper meaning of this book. To the authors of Bible in Mission, t…

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Orthodox Perspectives on Mission

Petros Vassiliadis

Orthodox Perspectives on Mission is both a humble tribute to some great Orthodox theologians, who in the past have provided substantial contribution to contemporary missiological and ecumenical discussions, and an Orthodox input to the upcoming 2013 Busan WCC General …

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Mission as Ministry of Reconciliation

Robert Schreiter and Knud Jorgensen

There is hope – even if it is “Hope in a Fragile World”, as the concluding chapter of Mission as Ministry of Reconciliation puts it. At the very heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ is a message of hope and reconciliation. Nothing could be more releva..

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A Century of Catholic Mission

Stephen Bevans

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Mission Spirituality and Authentic Discipleship

Wonsuk Ma and Kenneth R. Ross

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Foundations for Mission

Emma Wild-Wood and Peniel Rajkumar

Available Now This volume provides an important resource for those wishing to gain an overview of significant issues in contemporary missiology whilst understanding how they are applied in particular contexts.  Contributors from…

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Life-Widening Mission

Global Anglican Perspectives

Cathy Ross

AVALIABLE NOW! LIFE-WIDENING MISSION EDITED BY CATHY ROSS Each of the young Anglicans who write on the Five M…

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A Learning Missional Church

Reflections from Young Missiologists

Beate Fagerli, Knud Jorgensen, Rolv Olsen and Rolv Olsen
Foreword by Knut Tveitereid


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Mission and Postmodernities

Rolv Olsen

Available now! Mission and Postmodernities by Rov Olsen It is here, under these trees on my desert island that t…

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Witnessing to Christ in a Pluralistic Age

Christian Mission among Other Faiths

Lalsangkima Pachuau and Knud Jorgensen

Available Now! Witnessing to Christ in a Pluralistic Age: Christian Mission among Other Faiths The relationship …

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Interfaith Relations after One Hundred Years

Christian Mission among Other Faiths

Marina Ngursangzeli Behera

Available Now! Edinburgh 2010 has a special relevance for Christians in India particurlarly when we consider the contributions Indian Christians continue to make both academically as well as in their day-to-day lives t…

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Evangelical and Frontier Mission

Perspectives on the Global Progress of the Gospel

A. Scott Moreau and Beth Snodderly

Available Now! The centennial celebrations of the Edinburgh 1910 conference offered Christians of all stripes multiple opportunities to reflect on the past century of mission. Over the course of the twentieth century one o…

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The Church Going Glocal

Mission and Globalisation

Tormod Engelsviken, Erling Lundeby, Dagfinn Solheim and Dagfinn Solheim

The Church Going Glocal Available Now! ‘This book provides thought-provoking and inspiring reading for all concerned with mission in the 21st century. I have been challenged by its contributors t…

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Mission Today and Tomorrow

Kirsteen Kim and Andrew Anderson

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Holistic Mission

God’s Plan for God’s People

Brian E. Woolnough and Wonsuk Ma
Foreword by Las Newman

Holisitc Mission God’s Plan for God’s People Edited by Brian Woolnough and Wonsuk Ma …

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Mission Continues

Global Impulses for the 21st Century

Claudia Wahrisch-Oblau and Fidon Mwombeki

Mission Continues Claudia Wahrisch-Oblau and Fidon Mwombeki (Editors) In May 2009, 35 theologians from Asia, Africa and Europe met in Wuppertal, Germany, for a consultation on mission theology…

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Witnessing to Christ Today

Daryl Balia and Kirsteen Kim

The Edinburgh 2010 study process is unique. Set up to mark the centenary of the World Missionary Conference, Edinburgh 1910, it is a project of churches worldwide which is multi-regional, cross-denominational and poly-centric. It involves all the major Christian world…

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Mission Then and Now

David A. Kerr and Kenneth R. Ross

No one can hope to fully understand the modern Christian missionary movement without engaging substantially with the World Missionary Conference, held at Edinburgh in 1910. As the centenary of the Conference approaches, the time is ripe to examine its meaning in light of the past century and the …

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Orthodox Handbook on Ecumenism

Resources for Theological Education

Pantelis Kalaitzidis and Thomas Fitzgerald

Regnum (2014), 962pp

Reading the articles in this Handbook about Orthodox theologians on ecumenism, one feels awe at the courage and decisiveness of these great figures who were able to overcome stereotypes and long established perceptions. With God’s blessing these Orthodox theologians were able not only to lay foundational stones in the history of Orthodoxy, but also in the history of Ecumenism contributing to theological progress and a better mutual understanding between Churches inside and outside the Orthodox tradition. As a result of their theological work Orthodox theology has become a historic factor and transforming element in the ecumenical movement. This publication will support the ecumenical involvement of Orthodox students, scholars and theologians worldwide, but particularly in the Conference of European Churches, in order also to sustain the continuation of ecumenical collaboration in the work of Christian Advocacy in the European Institutions and beyond.

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